About Us

Hi! We’re HDVA. That stands for High Definition Virtual Art.
We’re not a software. We’re real people.

A team of photographers, programmers and editors with a passion for photography, art and virtual reality. We don’t use makeshift cameras, we use the latest DSLRs with top quality lenses to create high-end visuals for any business. From estate agencies to hotels and galleries, we believe high-end should be accessible to all.

We know how to capture the essence of your property to convey to your customers online. You know, ‘That Feeling’? We’ll help you find it.

We don’t just do the job, we build relationships with our clients. We care about your business and we care about the quality of our work. After all, as photographers, we want to be proud of every image we produce.

Our Story

In 2005, the idea for HDVA was conceived during a dinner with our programmer friends on a trip to Berlin. Talking VR, which was a new tool at the time, we thought there was massive business potential that wasn’t being realised. Remember, this was over 15 years ago, before Google Street View (2007). Before people knew what to do with virtual technology. There was no one doing it. But we saw the potential of marrying our photography skills with this new technology to create virtual tours and thus, HDVA was born.

That same year, we moved into our first office in Brick Lane at the heart of London’s creative scene. Being one of the first to introduce virtual tours to the market proved to be a challenge; people didn’t know what to make of it. So it’s no surprise that our first clients were people who thought outside the box, who were keen to harness the opportunities of this technology.

15 years on, our clients range across many sectors and we maintain that creative entrepreneurial spirit in all our work. That’s why creativity and art remain at the heart of what we do.

That’s what makes us different.